Report on Voting From the 2023 Annual Shareholders Meeting

CALGARY, Alberta, May 09, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- (TSX - NVA) NuVista Energy Ltd. ("NuVista") announces that the following matters were approved at the annual meeting of the shareholders of NuVista held on May 9, 2023. Each of the matters is described in greater detail in the Notice of Annual Meeting of Shareholders and Information Circular dated March 28, 2023 (the "Circular").

1.        Fixing the Number of Directors

By resolution passed via ballot, the number of directors to be elected at the meeting was fixed at nine members. The results of the ballot were as follows:

  Votes For Percent Votes
  148,135,055 99.81% 274,765

2.        Election of Directors

By resolution passed via ballot, the following nine nominees were appointed as directors of NuVista to serve until the next annual meeting of shareholders of NuVista, or until their successors are elected or appointed. The results of the ballot were as follows:

Name of Nominee Votes For Percent Votes
Pentti O. Karkkainen 108,704,746 73.25% 39,705,074 26.75%
Ronald J. Eckhardt 109,676,538 73.90% 38,733,282 26.10%
K. L. (Kate) Holzhauser 110,173,684 74.24% 38,236,136 25.76%
Mary Ellen Lutey 110,337,727 74.35% 38,072,093 25.65%
Keith A. MacPhail 104,908,170 70.69% 43,501,650 29.31%
Ronald J. Poelzer 102,893,034 69.33% 45,516,786 30.67%
Deborah S. Stein 104,267,749 70.26% 44,142,071 29.74%
Jonathan A. Wright 109,838,872 74.01% 38,570,948 25.99%
Grant A. Zawalsky 106,271,044 71.61% 42,138,776 28.39%

3.        Appointment of Auditors

By resolution passed via ballot, KPMG LLP, Chartered Professional Accountants, were appointed as auditors of NuVista to hold office until close of the next annual meeting or until their successors are duly appointed, and the directors were authorized to fix their remuneration. The results of the ballot were as follows:

  Votes For Percent Votes
  144,337,075 96.82% 4,741,273 3.18%

4.        Non-Binding Advisory Resolution on Executive Compensation

By advisory resolution passed via ballot, NuVista's approach to executive compensation was approved. The results of the ballot were as follows:

  Votes For Percent Votes
  108,539,418 73.13% 39,870,402 26.87%


NuVista is an independent Canadian oil and natural gas exploration, development and production corporation with its Common Shares trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol “NVA”.

NuVista is an oil and natural gas company actively engaged in the exploration for, and the development and production of, oil and natural gas reserves in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin. Our primary focus is on the scalable and repeatable condensate-rich Montney formation in the Wapiti and Pipestone area of the Alberta Deep Basin.


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