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Mission, Vision, Values


NuVista is a Canadian oil and gas resource company with a mission to deliver maximum shareholder value.


Our vision is to be known and respected for our:

Entrepreneurial spirit and disciplined delivery

Focused investment on profitable, repeatable plays

Production and share value growth of 10% to 20% per year over the next five years

Multi-year inventory of projects across the maturity spectrum

Strong safety, health and environmental commitment

At NuVista we’ve created a unique, compelling culture through living our values every day. We always aspire to be a respected community partner and be known by our employees as the best place they’ve ever worked.


Honesty & Integrity

  • We act ethically and speak the truth, even if it is uncomfortable
  • Our actions are congruent with our words


  • We have a clear sense of destination and what success looks like
  • We play to our strengths and manage weaknesses
  • We deliver through superior skills, hard work and dedication
  • We find the right balance between analysis, planning and execution


  • We treat everyone with dignity, regard and honor

Open Minded Teamwork

  • We work together to achieve common goals
  • We are open to different opinions and out of the box thinking
  • We have fun at work and value a work/life balance

Empowerment and Accountability

  • We are all owners – we take initiative
  • We demonstrate leadership at all levels
  • We deliver on our promises


  • No issue is more important than the Safety and Health of our employees, contractors, and the public
  • If a conflict ever arises between safety and production, we will choose safety