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The Montney

The Montney formation in West Central Alberta and Northeast British Columbia ranks from the perspective of economics and scale as one of the top resource plays in North America.

Top Resource Plays in North America

The Montney Formation is a major shale gas and shale oil resource.

The Montney formation’s marketable, unconventional petroleum potential has been evaluated for the first time in a joint assessment by the National Energy Board, the British Columbia Oil and Gas Commission, the Alberta Energy Regulator, and the British Columbia Ministry of Natural Gas Development. The thick and geographically extensive siltstones of the Montney Formation are expected to contain:


billion m³

of marketable natural gas (449 Tcf)


million m³

of marketable NGLs (14,521 million barrels)


million m³

of marketable oil (1,125 million barrels)

Montney Major Rock Formation Types

Siltstone and sandstone
Siltstone, sandstone and dolostone
Erosional remnants

Reproduced and authorized for re-use by the National Energy Board. Excerpt taken from “The Ultimate Potential for Unconventional Petroleum from the Montney Formation of British Columbia and Alberta – Energy Briefing Note.”