Indigenous Inclusion

Indigenous Inclusion Guiding Principles Statement

NuVista Energy Ltd. acknowledges the value of inclusive relationships with the Indigenous communities with whom we work throughout Canada. By respecting the unique culture, history and rights of Indigenous communities, we will establish long-term relationships that are trust-based, respectful and beneficial to both parties.

We seek to establish these relationships by emphasizing areas in which we can have the greatest impact in our collaboration with Indigenous communities, which include the following areas of focus.


Cultural Understanding

We will participate in Indigenous-led cultural awareness opportunities in order to create greater understanding, respect and appreciation for Indigenous culture; we will also seek opportunities to provide understanding about our business culture and associated operations.

Meaningful Engagement

Beyond meeting regulatory requirements, we will seek the involvement of Indigenous communities by providing clear information about our projects early in the planning process, in a manner that is culturally relevant and provides opportunity for meaningful input.

Economic Participation

As a Canadian energy company, we believe that we have the ability to play a unique role in fostering economic development. Our focus will be to collaborate with Indigenous communities in the areas of workforce inclusion, business participation, education and training. We will also continue to seek economic participation opportunities that are mutually beneficial and sustaining.

Community Involvement

In collaboration with communities, we will identify opportunities for community involvement to build relationships based on trust, understanding and support.